TriumphX, Special Art Genius Artists with Autism Disorder Open an NFT Giveaway Event

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will hold an NFT giveaway event to commemorate the release of the works of artists belonging to SPECIAL ARTS as NFTs.

SPECIAL ARTS is a social enterprise that helps artists with developmental disabilities who have difficulty entering society to become socially independent. The works of artists belonging to SPECIAL ARTS were sold with great popularity, especially in Europe, due to their unstructured lines and colors and the expression of a unique worldview. With this opportunity, SPECIAL ARTS became interested in the NFT platform to introduce various works to more global art collectors.

The special art work slogan that is being opened this time is “Autistic artists draw their specific worlds”, and you can meet the special world of 3 representative artists with autism. The work of artist Chae-won Choi (C.One.C), who expresses vividly, artist KevinKang, who directly expresses the beauty of the city with grid and pop colors, and artist Tae-gyu Lee (TAG100), who draws a box-shaped car with powerful color combinations The work will be unveiled first at ENFT  TriumphX’s NFT platform, and then at Sole-X, Rarible, and OpenSea.

In addition, NFT works of SPECIAL ARTS are being exhibited at the same time in ENFTEE’s virtual reality gallery, ‘The Vision.’ By adding animation effects, rather than simple digitization of Triumph’s existing works, it gave life to the work. Furthermore, by digitizing the exhibition itself by opening The Vision, it gave the NFT industry new possibilities and meanings of NFT. SPECIAL ARTS’ The Vision exhibition space was sponsored by Gallery Sandwich APT., led by photographer Jang Deok-hwa and creative director Oh Ji-young. Sandwich APT., which has recently emerged as a hotspot on social media, agreed to the purpose of the SPECIAL ARTS exhibition and sponsored the space.

TriumphX will hold an event to present the NFT of a special art artist from August 26 to September 8 to commemorate the launch of the special art NFT and the opening of ‘The Vision’. If you share the NFT that is most special to you among the special art NFTs in ENFTEE on SNS and leave a message of support so that artists with autism can succeed in becoming self-reliant through their work, up to 180 NFTs will be sent to the event through a lottery. For more information, please visit the event banner.

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