Interview with The Sandbox

Please briefly introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Jini Kim, CMO of TriumphX. I started my career at an animation company, then planned and operated a VR map service at Daum (Currently merged by Kakao), and was in charge of digital marketing for VISA, eBay, Matchgroup, and Wadiz. It has been 11 years since I have worked in the IT industry. For the past two years, I have joined many projects related to NFT and metaverse in a blockchain company.

Tell us more about your company, and how you discovered The Sandbox?

Established in 2020, TriumphX is a group of creators who provide new experiences through various Web 3.0 technologies such as NFT, staking, DAO, and the metaverse. Recently, we set up a metaverse agency business model with the metaverse agency ‘Ygram (Jeon You Heok, CEO)’, and VR·AR technology company ‘WITCHES (Goh Mi Ah, CEO) to open a new project at The Sandbox.

Ygram has been running animation management for 20 years. On the other hand, WITCHES has been developing many services based on IT technology for 13 years. TriumphX’s Web 3.0 knowledge, Ygram’s creative production, and WITCHES’ technology are meant to be preparing for the metaverse!

We have discovered The Sandbox through its LAND NFT Sale, which is getting popular! One of our team members encountered Yohan, who is working at The Sandbox, at a networking party, and told him about TriumphX, and then we have been in the partnership for two years. We purchased LAND to build many projects and run the education system to foster creators. Next year, we will expand our curriculum to provide classes for metaverse PD, experience planners, etc.

What are you planning to build on your LAND? What kinds of experiences can we look forward to?

The first project to be presented is ‘I LOVE KARACTER’ first(KARACTER is not a typo!). ILK is a metaverse model agency to collect all Korean character IP and to be introduced within the global community and uses characters as models, promoters, and game moderators in collaboration with many brands. Disneyland is a good reference. All kinds of characters have their own stories, and people can meet them in one place. Users can enjoy minigames with their favorite characters and get rewarded by participating in some promotions or events.

If you own a character NFT, and that character becomes a model in the metaverse generating profits, 11.2% of revenue will be distributed to holders as a reward. Not only owning your favorite characters but also becoming a legit fan who invests in the value!

How would you like to engage with your community? What kind of engagement would you like to generate that is not available on other social media platforms?

From traditional animations such as Pucca, Molang, and Dr. Egg to famous IPs in various fields will continue to be registered as models. You can take pictures with this character and play games together in the I LOVE KARACTER (ILK) world. Also, many promotions with the brand are prepared as if you were participating in a pop-up store offline. For example, we are currently collaborating with a hair loss prevention product brand, and a game will be released in which the players can collect all the items to get a wig item. Furthermore, the players can get actual products according to the number of items obtained.

Community members will be notified when new promotions and character models are registered. We will share the event period and related information regularly as well.

How do you hope to see your neighborhood (both your LAND and its surroundings) evolve in the future?

We can build a local community to give unique participation benefits for brand collaborations. If there is a space to promote brands near LAND (electronic display board, theater/poster/TV advertisement, etc.), we would like to develop a plan to let people know about these brands and share profits. It is about creating a community where you engage in promotions and earn rewards.

What do you think is the most exciting aspect of this LAND sale?

Web 3.0 started more like a concept of ‘speculation’ in Korea. However, this should be converted to actual ‘experience,’ which can please the users. In that sense, The Sandbox plays an important role here. This LAND sale is the first time to introduce Korean companies, so we hope that all projects will arouse interest from users around the world. As it is the best opportunity for Korean companies planning to enter the metaverse can clearly show their potential and power.

Please feel free to tell us if you have anything more you want to say to the users.

I LOVE KARACTER aims to build a business model in which all character IP owners register their characters to a model agency and generate profit from their activity. Brands are supposed to create new types of experiences based on their philosophy, not only producing quality goods. TriumphX will also create many exciting adventures in the metaverse with Ygram and WITCHES for brands and users. For those of you who have the same vision as us, please join!

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