TriumphX Signs MOU with World Vision to Create a Culture of Sharing Through NFTart

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, signed an MOU with World Vision (Chairman Myung-Hwan Myung), an international relief and development NGO that solves poverty and inequality problems of vulnerable children, families and communities around the world through practical love. He said that he decided to cooperate to create a new sharing culture using NFT. 

TriumphX has recently partnered with SPECIAL ARTS, a social enterprise that supports the social independence of artists with developmental disabilities, and released the works of three artists C.One.C, KevinKang, and TAG100 through NFT. Special Art’s NFT consists of 100 limited editions for each work, and the sales of the first edition are sold out on the day of release, and the sales are steadily increasing day by day.

TriumphX received positive feedback that this event gave SPECIAL ARTS artists new vitality and hope in their work activities and created awareness in response, TriumphX introduced the background of this business agreement to promote an MOU with World Vision for a more active NFT sharing culture.

Meanwhile, World Vision is a relief organization established by Pastor Bob Pierce, who participated as a war correspondent at the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, in cooperation with Pastor Kyung-Jik Han, who was helping war refugees at the time. Since then, it has expanded from Korea to the world for over 70 years, and World Vision is currently the world’s largest NGO with 40,000 employees in over 100 countries.

TriumphX plans to actively participate in the sharing culture through NFT through World Vision and various activities in the future. As in the case of special art, a way to make a donation to a support program for disabled artists or to donate NFTart in connection with an artist Various methods will be actively sought, such as donating a portion of the platform fee generated from the NFT Giveaway Project in collaboration with World Vision.

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