TriumphX Publishes the First NFT Series with yooniverse(Yunseongjoong), Editor-in-chief of Runner’s World Korea

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will launch NFT works by artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong), who was an editor of the global learning magazine Runner’s World Korea.

Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) likes to run. As he was an editor-in-chief of Runner’s World Korea, running became a part of his life. Many of his paintings actually contain the subject of running or express what he felt while running. The artist’s attachment to running is special just by looking at his pictures posted on social media being uploaded under the name of ‘Seongjoong is running’.

Artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) draws his paintings mainly using lines and dots for the simplest possible expression of the subject. The artist says that although his drawings may appear at first glance to be cartoons or illustrations from daily newspapers or, more simply, graffiti, he will not be limited to such forms. The artist has chosen lines and dots as a means to express his story frankly and without embellishment and to share it with others, and is creating a new art genre through his work.

In the cultural complex space 16p in Itaewon with the slogan “Read your life, Write your page,” where the artist’s works were exhibited, the following addition was added below the artist’s paintings by yooniverse(Yunseongjoong).

“yooniverse(Yunseongjoong) is like a square box. Lines flow out of the box. Instead of moving towards a softer form, it moves towards a crooked, angular form. It does not simply stay in some form, but becomes a story. … The line becomes the story. …the lines of the story”

The artist yooniverse(Yunseongjoong)’s first NFT series will be published through ENFTEE. This series consists of a total of 24 works, and each work is issued with a maximum of 50 editions. Following ENFTEE, it will be released simultaneously in Sole-X and OpenSea.

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