TriumphX Launches HANJUNGSUN’s NFT Series Apart Blocks

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that HANJUNGSUN’s third NFT series, “Apart blocks(a part of apartment)” has been released.

Artist HANJUNGSUN won the grand prize at the 25th Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association in 2005, and has been selected as a BELT2006 artist and as a NarT young artist by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Since then, she has expanded the world of various works by combining the pluralism and duplication of his prints with digital media.

Artist HANJUNGSUN’s Apart Block Series is a digital concept in which one pixel is modularized and easy to duplicate and delete. In the capitalist era, an apartment has the meaning of owning more than a residence, which is in line with the NFT art expanding in the virtual space of the digital age.

HANJUNGSUN has already introduced two NFT series through TriumphX’s NFT platform ENFTEE. In the third NFT series released this time, motion and sound were added to highlight the difference from the previous series. The movement and sound, similar to watching a scene from a Tetris game, are impressive to match the title of the work, Tetris Apartment.

This series is limited to a total of 10 editions for each work. Each of the first editions will be released through ENFTEE, and later will be released sequentially at Sole-X and OpenSea.

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