TriumphX Launches Collective Yuwol, a 2-person Project Team NFT

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will release the works of Collective Yuwol, a project team consisting of two artists Hee-seung Lee and Hyunjoo Cho, with TriumphX NFTs.

Artist Hee-seung Lee (tripleA), a member of Collective Yuwol, had an opportunity to continue her work that had been interrupted when she released NFT through TriumphX. Based on this, the artist formed a two-person project team and plans to work under the name of Collective Yuwol in the future.

Hee-seung Lee(tripleA) is an artist who captures and records moments when everyday objects feel unfamiliar. Her work <Graph of memory>, which was exhibited at the Kunstquartier Bethanien Museum in Berlin in 2015, was also presented at the rookie artist exhibition of TriumphX’s NFT platform ENFTEE, and all editions were sold out. In addition, her recent NFT work, Deep Writing Series, has also attracted great public attention and popularity.

Meanwhile, artist Hyunjoo Cho, another member of Collective Yuwol, is a lens-based artist who creates and records photographic images through various visual experiments. She interprets the act of photography itself by borrowing the power of realism. In doing so, she sees her own photos not only as her one finished work, but also as material for her next work. Her work always begins with an awareness of photography, but ends with a rethinking of the boundaries of photography as a medium and material.

Hyunjoo Cho’s major exhibitions include “Perception Practice” (Yukobo Art Space, Tokyo, 2020), solo exhibitions “The Fingerprints of Light” (Cafe FARO, Tokyo, 2019), and “Young Creative Korea 2018” (Ara). Art Center, Seoul, 2018). She also received the Hirayama Ikuo President’s Award from Tokyo University of the Arts in recognition of her achievements in creating works of art of her outstanding cultural value in her 2020.

The Collective Yuwol team, through their work notes, said, “The clarity of ordinary daily life and the sublime of the lasting days that will save us from the futility of life using writing, handwriting, writing all together, photos, images, and book shapes as materials. Expression in writing is wanted. It is dangerous to discuss the right and wrong about the work and the act of working, but at least we wash the nib and press the shutter with the mindset that it should be built on the sincerity and sincerity of life.” .

Collective Yuwol’s works will be shown first on ENFTEE’s gallery page and will be available at Sole-X and OpenSea sequentially in the future.

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