TriumphX commemorates Kim Il-dong’s publication with NFT airdrop event

‘Crazy Owl (Crazy Owl #001, total 12 editions), a new NFT series by Rising Sun, who works on TriumphX’s NFT art platform, was released through an airdrop event.

The event was for the people who bought his recent book <This is my first time with NFT (Sejong Publishing)> and was sent through the Kaikas wallet.

Kim Il-dong (Rising Sun) started his career as an NFT writer for the first time through TriumphX, and this NFT prize event minting and transmitting were conducted at TriumphX. TriumphX also participated in the NFT review of the new book by Kim Il-dong (Rising Sun).

He is one of the most dynamically active artists in contemporary art. He is challenging unwavering convergence and destruction by breaking down boundaries between genres such as painting, media, film, video, and performance.

The sensuous visual expressed by the artist is based on an oriental painting, and also contains the concept of oriental philosophy. Representative works include 108 Dalmado, which expresses the harmony of spirit and material, Coinman, which contains the travel story of coins, and the “Time and Space Imagination Award” series, which contains the endless imagination of humans. It was invited by leading art galleries in Korea and exhibited at the world’s 20th Dak’Art Biennale, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Italy. The artist is also prominent in collaboration activities with companies and brands such as BMW, CJ CGV, and Incheon Airport.

Crazy Owl, a new NFT series, is a work that expresses modern people living in an era of competition among dense building forests. In the age of networks, where change is made at a rapid pace, people get exposed to unfamiliar environments and cannot sleep at night due anxiety and worries.

The fast-paced music in the work constantly confuses people, making people avoid and turn away from the heavy reality. With the twinkling eyes of Crazy Owl, an owl who can’t sleep even tonight, the dark city night is just as bright.

On the other hand, on March 13th, #003 and #004, the next  ‘Crazy Owl’ series by Kim Il-dong (RisingSun), were sold out at the same time as they were released through Kakao’s ‘Klip Drops’. The artist announced that the future ‘Crazy Owl’ series will be released continuously and that related communities are also being prepared in the future.

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