TriumphX Announces Recruitment of New Artist ENJO and Launch of NFT

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it has hired ENJO as a new artist and has released his work as an NFT.

TriumphX said that the sales of the recently launched Special ARTS and NFT by Byundaeyong are steadily increasing day by day. TriumphX is accelerating the recruitment of new artists, and this time, they decided to introduce ENJO as a new NFT artist.

Artist ENJO graduated from the Department of Sculpture at Dong-A University’s College of Art and majored in art education at the Graduate School of Education at Dong-A University. Since 2010, the artist has successfully completed several solo and group exhibitions, and the works exhibited at domestic art fairs through Gallery Ibae in 2016 are evaluated as suggesting a new paradigm of sculpture, thereby introducing the world of his work to the public. 

In particular, Gallery Leebae selected ENJO as one of the young artists that the Korean art world is paying attention to and held the <2017 LeeBae Notable Artists> exhibition.

Artist ENJO reflects geometric theory in art and attempts a reverse idea of ​​expression, unfolding the artist’s unique creative world and inviting the audience into it. The audience experiences a novel and familiar yet completely new sense of beauty in it. This is because the artist reinterprets three-dimensional objects in flatness using points, lines, and planes that are the basic elements of modeling and are closely related to everyday life. Unlike artists who usually create three-dimensional sculptures, he starts to implement his work from an idea that goes against this method.

TriumphX releases six works of artist ENJO as his first NFT series. Each work consists of a total of 100 limited editions, and the NFT is sequentially launched on Triumph’s issuance platform ENFTEE, the marketplace Sole-X, and the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. can be seen

TriumphX releases the artist’s work as an NFT and at the same time continuously informs the public through the SNS channel, on the one hand, introducing the artist and the work, and on the other hand, putting effort into promoting the NFT more widely.

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