tripleA Artist Presents in Exclusive Gallery with TriumphX and New NFT Series

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that a new series of works by tripleA will be released as NFT and will be displayed in the exclusive gallery of the ENFTEE platform.
Artist triplaA (Lee Hee-seung) is an artist who captures and records moments when everyday objects feel unfamiliar. Her work <Graph of memory>, which was exhibited at the Kunstquartier Bethanien Museum in Berlin in 2015, was also presented at the rookie artist special exhibition of TriumphX’s NFT platform ENFTEE, and all editions were sold out.
A total of 9 works by the newly released artist consist of limited editions of 50 or 25, respectively. In addition, TriumphX will publish and display tripleA’s <Deep writing> exhibition works as NFT in ENFTEE’s exclusive gallery to record, preserve, and re-exhibit the disappointment of installation art that is being dismantled at the end of the exhibition. Some of the works have an NFT video that shows the process of being immersed in water and being erased, and some of the works are more lively than the works as blurred results shown in actual exhibitions.
tripleA’s <Deep writing> exhibition works contain the artist’s own considerations on ‘reading’. In general, reading is the act of seeking clarity to understand and understand the meaning of an object, but the answer to the question “how do you read?”, which the author wants to show through these works, paradoxically, rather shakes the clarity and begins again. is an act that makes it incomprehensible.
The author says: “Reading, to me, is a state in which letters are read and read over and over again, and they are dismantled, put together, and dismantled over and over again. Writing is never fixed. In particular, the hand-written characters move freely. Therefore, the rhythm created by repeating reading and writing is never harmonious. No, it’s rather embarrassing. this imperfection. So I evoke an unchanging conclusion.”
Meanwhile, an official from TriumphX said, “Following the recent NFT launch of KMCA’s installation art and the NFT installation of tripleA artist this time, through the gallery function within ENFTEE in the future, exhibitions can be recorded and preserved, and the world of art can be re-presented to many people. We will do our best to provide opportunities.”

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