Opened ENFTEE Gallery S, K Contemporary Art Museum’s SWEET POP NFT Introduced as First Case

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, launched GalleryS, a space that can open online exhibitions by project unit, within the NFT issuance platform ENFTEE, and at the same time as the first exhibition case, the SWEET POP installation exhibition NFT at the K Museum of Modern Art. said to have issued GalleryS(ENFTEE’s online exhibition space), records and replays already completed exhibitions, while providing visitors with the opportunity to own the works as NFTs.

TriumphX originally signed a strategic alliance with the K Museum of Modern Art in March and announced that it would release the contemporary art NFT in April, but the launch was a bit delayed in order to develop the gallery function of ENFTEE and present it as a dedicated page for the K Museum of Modern Art.

The SWEET POP NFT of the K Contemporary Art Museum, which will be presented as the first exhibition of GalleryS, is an installation art that many artists actually exhibited from August 21, 2020 to last June. SWEET POP presented a ‘whole-cance’, that is a vacation to enjoy at an exhibition to modern people who are stuck in the city because of the corona epidemic. A new genre of pop art was introduced through various media such as video media, interactive art, painting, and sculpture to those who have dreamed of getting away from everyday life and enjoying a different experience.

In general, installation art is usually demolished when the exhibition period is over, but ENFTEE’s GalleryS preserves the work in an irreplaceable state forever even after the end of the exhibition through video shooting, enabling NFT owners to claim ownership of the video.

Meanwhile, TriumphX plans to continue its online exhibitions after the K Museum of Contemporary Art, and plans to exhibit NFT works by artists with developmental disabilities in the future. In particular, TriumphX is also planning to introduce a VR gallery for special artworks that are popular in Europe with unstructured lines and colors and a unique worldview. Oversea users will also be able to view exhibitions and NFT in a virtual space.

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