“Give Heart, Make Art”, an NFT art airdrop + donation event hoping for peace in Ukraine

TriumphX, a crosschain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, will hold a “Give Heart, Make Art” event, where the message one writes becomes a collaboration with the work of a famous artist and participates in the donation project at the same time as receiving the NFT.

The event is held from March 16 ~ 25, 2022 and to support Ukrainian children and citizens suffering from the Russian invasion, and hope for the end of the war and peace.

At the event, which will be held as a collaboration between the artists and the community, the artists include Andy Khun, the SuperRare artist, and Song Hyeongno and they provided two and one work, respectively. All profits will be donated to the Korean World Vision’s Temporary sponsorship for refugee support for Ukraine.

Users wishing to participate in the event will choose the artwork they want, and leave a support chat in the TriumphX Global Community Telegram. TriumphX will choose the message, and publish a video NFT. Two editions will be sent to the message selector, and the rest will be sold through ENFTEE (enftee.com).

It has been three weeks since war broke out in Ukraine. The war has resulted in many civilian casualties, including many Ukrainian children, women and the elderly. An official from TriumphX said, “We deliver a message of hope through NFT as a small but one movement that conveys consolation to Ukraine’s damage and suffering, supports the courage to face violence, and wishes for an end of war and peace.”

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