TRIX Token

Token Utility


As a currency for P2P transaction on the decentralised exchange (trading of items)


To pay for transaction fees (discounted fees using TRIX)


Staking by game companies to enter into the TriumphX ecosystem for a share of profits made from the transactions occurring on TriumphX marketplace


Governance – signalling and voting for changes to the TriumphX blockchain

Council Governance Mechanism

At the start, there shall be two validators, managed by the creators of TriumphX. As time goes by, more validators will be opened, up to a total of 101 validators. Subject to future governance changes by the 101 validators, the number of seats may be further expanded.

Each validator term lasts for a period of 12 months, and after the initial 12 month period, all validators, including the initial two seats controlled by the founders, will be put up for voting by the network users. This ensures true decentralization of the network.

Users will need to signal (by time-locking their TRIX tokens to vote for certain decisions on governance of the TriumphX blockchain). These tokens will not be spent and will be returned to the voters after a certain period of time.

Council Member Incentive

Key Components for TriumphX’s Core Functionality

To ensure that the tokenization of in-game items does not cannibalize their own revenue stream, TriumphX ecosystem allows for game service providers to stake TRIX tokens and to verify to the TRIX validators of their identity to gain a portion of profits that are made from the secondary trading of NFTs on the TriumphX blockchain. This alignment of interest expands the entire economic pie for both gamers and game service providers, leading to economic benefits reaped for both stakeholders. To be able to earn such fees, the Game Service Provider have to make their games available on the blockchain in addition to staking. 


As a start to encourage adoption, TRIX will provide new Game Service Providers with some ecosystem tokens on their staked tokens to further incentivize Game Service Providers to build their game on the blockchain.

TRIX Ecosystem

The TriumphX platform provides decentralized protocol called ‘Kabocha’ that can be easily extended and connected to enable effortless creation of decentralized applications (DApps). This protocol is managed by TSCE and API. The TriumphX platform manages the dependency of API libraries and provides a convenient development environment. Because the Kabocha protocol is designed as an open platform, anyone can connect to TriumphX. Documentation and tutorials for the Kabocha Protocol and all APIs will be released on GitHub in line with the testnet release schedule.

Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs will exist as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in the initial stages and future token standards that are backward compatible with the ERC-1155 token standard will be implemented to ensure interoperability across all blockchains within the TriumphX network. 


ERC-1155 token standard was selected as it is able to manage multiple token types within a single deployed contract. For example, a combination of fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens or even semi-fungible tokens can be created. For game developers, adopting the ERC-20 or ERC-721 standard would require the creation of thousands of unique smart contracts, each representing a unique in-game item. The ERC-1155 standard would enable each game to operate on a single smart contract. Transaction fees may also be lower as multiple token types can be swapped at once.

Community Tokens

The popularity of games has resulted in the growth of a vibrant gaming community. These communities frequently exist on discussion boards such as Reddit or informal wiki pages created by the gamers themselves, offering useful discussion, feedback and guides for new gamers. The presence of such communities is frequently the cause of success of the games themselves. 


To further increase engagement of games with the vibrant gaming community, game service providers will be able to create unique Community Tokens (CT) which exist as fungible utility tokens on the TriumphX blockchain, representing their game. These CTs can be used as rewards to gamers for their activity and engagement within the community and can also be traded for money on the secondary markets. Gamers with a large number of CTs can redeem these CTs for in-game items, used for priority access to tournament tickets, limited edition merchandise or even to vote for new features to be included into the game. The possibilities are limitless and can be determined by the game service providers themselves. 

Token Distribution

Total supply: 10,000,000,000 TRIX Tokens

Group Percentage TRIX Quantity
Private Sale Investors
3,000,000,000 TRIX
Ecosystem Fund
3,000,000,000 TRIX
2,000,000,000 TRIX
Team & Advisors
1,000,000,000 TRIX
Strategic Partnerships
500,000,000 TRIX
500,000,000 TRIX