Cross-chain NFT marketplace

Entertainment NFT marketplace based on Cross-chain blockchain technology

The digital collectibles

Entertainment NFT platform designed by Game & Blockchain experts


The Sandbox Metaverse Racing Game with membership NFT for racing fans

x Y.gram

A metaverse world created with more than 50 powerful Korean characters

Why TriumphX?

TriumphX was designed and built for tokenization of all digital contents into NFT.

Current Problems

TriumphX Solutions

Current Problems

Inefficient Markets

It is inefficient and inconvenient where the most of the marketplace is independent and closed.

TriumphX Solutions

Integrated Cross-chain Marketplace

SoleX 1.0, the ‘Cross-chain marketplace’ that allows all blockchain-based NFTs in the world to be traded in one place. All digital contents from every blockchain can be tokenized into NFT in TriumphX.

Current Problems

Danger and Problems of traditional digital contents market

In daily life, it is simple to make a reliable transactions just by paying money on the spot and receiving the actual item. However, users cannot trust each other because digital content does not have a standard or function to trade and it is hard to prove the ownership. As a result, users are always at risk of fraud and often rely on expensive third-party service providers that charge up to 10% per transaction.

TriumphX Solutions

Safe transaction and low trading fees

Through smart contracts, in-game items can be tokenized and traded directly P2P without any need for buyers and sellers to trust each other. With this, the need to pay high trading fee and commission to the intermediary is eliminated and fees can be kept to a minimum.

Current Problems

Low Liquidity

Liquidity is spread across multiple third party brokers resulting in low liquidity and poor price discovery. Bid/Ask spread for items are large and result in immediate loss of value due to spreads upon purchase or sale.

TriumphX Solutions

Automated Market Makers and Pooled Liquidity

Through the use of liquidity pools by tokenizing idle in-game items, market participants can interact directly with the automated market maker to have high availability for liquidity to ensure that trading can be conduct with high liquidity.

TriumphX Features

The Digital Collectibles, ENFTEE

ENFTEE platform, developed based on Klaytn, has two main functions: a market function to purchase NFTs and a wallet function to manage NFT assets. ENFTEE platform is designed for users to easily accept the concept of NFT.

Dynamic NFT, metadata mapping

TriumphX’s sports NFT card will not only contain famous scenes and profile photos of popular players but will also show the map metadata containing the players’ game records. TriumphX has entered into the technical agreement with Chainlink to implement dynamic NFT. Chainlink will use a secure Oracle node’s decentralized network to map verified match record data to NFT cards.

Cross-chain NFT marketplace ‘Sole-X’

SoleX 1.0, the ‘Cross-chain marketplace’ that allows all blockchain-based NFTs in the world to be traded in one place, will be released. To implement cross-chain technology, TriumphX uses a protocol based on Orbit Chain. SoleX 1.0 is developed on Klaytn and through Orbit Chain, NFTs based on chains other than Klaytn can be freely traded on SoleX 1.0.

NFT with The Sandbox metaverse

TriumphX's art, sports, and entertainment NFTs are linked to The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform and can be viewed as voxel-type NFTs. Users can build their own virtual economy system through gameplay using NFT in the metaverse space created by TriumphX, participate and receive rewards.

TRIX Block Explorer

Block explorer is essential part in any mainnet service but most block explorer lacks the functionality of NFT support. TriumphX platform’s block explorer support NFT as first citizen. It will be integrated with TriumphX’s NFT services and visualize current NFT’s status.



Collaboration on NFT content development using exhibition IP


Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons etc., we are collaborating with TESSA to sell the part of known bluechip NFTs.


Using Chainlink’s Oracle solution, we are developing the way to map players’ playing stats off-chain data to sport NFT cards.


Collaboration on NFT content development using character IP

Korea Mobile Game Association

Korea Mobile Game Association is a representative association of Korea’s largest game development member companies with about 800 member companies, including Xiaomi, GPC, One Store, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, etc. They seek to promote the creation of blockchain based games

Klip / Klaytn

Using Kakao’s Blockchain technology we are developing NFT platform and participating in Klayswap pool.


Using Orbit chain, we are developing opened cross-chain NFT marketplace.


NFT platform development and operation, collaboration to discover new content

The Korea Blockchain Content Association

The Korea Blockchain Content Association works to promote the development and advancement of blockchain software in Korea. They seek to cooperate with TriumphX to successfully launch a decentralised P2P trading exchange for in-game items.

The Sandbox

TriumphX's partnership with The Sandbox builds the metaverse and integrates NFTs.

Daewon Media

We are using Daewon media’s character IPs to issue character NFTs.


Collaboration on NFT content and platform development using character IP

Cooperating with various blockchain media

We are cooperating with influencing blockchain media around Korea, NA and China.